What If Utilities Could Identify, Mitigate, and Recover from a Cyberattack in Minutes instead of Months?


Series: Cybersecurity and Digital Grids
Date: 12-18-2020

Introducing MOSIACS — More Situational Awareness for Industrial Control Systems. The MOSAICS Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) is a project jointly funded by the Department of Defense and Department of Energy that will deliver an initial automated cybersecurity capability for cyber defenders and control system operators of critical energy infrastructure. This new technology is focused on detection, visualization, analysis, decision support, mitigation, recovery, and information sharing for a control system that is targeted for a cyber attack. The intent is to identify cyber intruders much quicker than the current state of the art, from months to minutes, and disrupt an attacker’s cyber kill chain before damage is done. The presentation will provide results from recent field tests at a hardware-in-the-loop SCADA testbed and encourage vendors to participate in a process where they receive all the engineering concepts, computer code, lessons learned, and test results through a series of industry days with the goal of establishing a commercially viable option to procure this same capability after the JCTD is over.

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