Visibility Without Vulnerability: Strategies for Secure OT Monitoring


Series: Resiliency and Asset Management
Date: 09-29-2021
Time: 1:30 PM – 2:15 PM CT

Proactive measures are the key to long-term grid resiliency, but to take the right proactive steps, operators need to collect and analyze data that isn’t always readily available. Asset condition and performance data is often confined to local OT networks, with limited or no connectivity to IT networks where centralized analysis and planning take place.

As monitoring and analysis tools grow more powerful, organizations are faced with a more compelling business case for collecting OT data into centralized management systems. However, without the right controls in place, increased connectivity can mean increased risk.

Hardware-enforced security technology can enable OT-to-IT connections, and even OT-to-cloud connections, while protecting critical systems from external threats. This approach provides much greater protection than software-based firewalls, and has been widely adopted by organizations in power generation, transmission, and distribution.

This session will examine the current state of OT connectivity in the power industry, strategies and best practices for secure data sharing, and how these strategies can improve the resiliency of our power grid.

Presented by:
Scott Coleman, VP, Marketing at Owl Cyber Defense
Brian Romansky, Chief Innovation Officer at Owl Cyber Defense
Nathan Wallace, Director of Cyber Operations at Cybirical

Sponsored by:

OWL Cyber Defense

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