The Outsized Role of Technology and Data for Managing Outages


Series: Distribution Automation and Outage Management

On August 10, 2020 a Derecho ripped thru parts of Alliant Energy’s Iowa service territory taking down trees, ripping apart corn silos and peeling roofs off of buildings. After the winds had subsided, nearly 260,000 Alliant Energy customers across central Iowa were without power and left with nearly $7.5 billion in damage.

In just a few days, Alliant Energy restored power to most customers and then worked through the hardest-hit areas, providing power to everyone within 16 days. By using AMI data, Alliant Energy was able to quickly identify who was with or without power, and strategically target where to dispatch technicians to being the process of restoration. Utilities will leave this session with a greater understanding of the role that AMI technology plays in outage restoration and how to better prepare for the next catastrophic event.

Presented by:
Randy Bauer, Director of Operational Resources at Alliant Energy
Jared Gregory, Senior Manager of Electric Metrology Products at Sensus

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