Outage Management – Using AI to Drive Vegetation Management and Outage Prediction Insights


Series: Resiliency and Asset Management
Date: 09-30-2021
Time: 10:30 AM – 11:15 AM CT

The Energy, Environment & Utilities (EE&U) world faces increasing pressure to improve up-time, reduce outage duration, meet increasing consumption demands, all while lowering their carbon footprints. While a daunting to-do list, there are cost-effective solutions available that leverage AI to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver on these mandates. The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite (EIS) with its utility-specific resiliency add-ons provides a platform of services that empower utilities to harness new technologies to address these challenges.

Using remote sensing from high-resolution satellites or LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), the EIS helps utilities to move from cycle-based trimming to more targeted condition-based vegetation management strategies. This not only helps to reduce future outages (2/3 of all electric outages are caused by vegetation making contact with infrastructure), it also eliminates a very manual process saving resources that would be wasted inspecting parts of the service area that do not need attention.

While utilities need to know the weather, their real concern is knowing when the weather is going to cause outages, to what degree, and where. Having the right number of crews, with the right materials in place before the storm hits can save hours to days of outages across a service territory. IBM’s EIS uses historical outage data, weather data, and sophisticated AI to provide specific outage guidance days ahead of a storm’s impact. Customized for each utility’s own mobilization levels, and enhanced with past storm look-up, accuracy tracking, and scenario planning, utility customers now have the tools needed to make these critical staffing decisions with confidence.

The Environmental Intelligence Suite also delivers tools to help customers manage their new climate and sustainability goals. The EIS does this by providing carbon accounting standardization and sustainability dashboards to help deliver transparency and accountability to utility stakeholders.

Please join us to learn more about this integrated suite of capabilities in this live and interactive session.

Presented by:
John Bosse, Product Manager, AI Applications – Weather Business Solutions at The Weather Company

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