Opportunity vs Security: Strategies for Harnessing Your Data While Protecting Your OT Network


Series: Digitalization and Data Analytics
Date: 03-25-2021
Time: 1:30 PM – 2:15 PM CT

For the first time, systems and devices at the lowest levels of the industrial network are gaining network connectivity on a broad scale. With increased connectivity for sensors, actuators, and other devices, critical infrastructure operators gain new opportunities to optimize performance, but expose their systems to additional vulnerabilities as well. Devices that were previously inaccessible except through direct physical contact can now be attacked over the network. In response to these new threats, industrial network owners are shifting toward hardware-enforced cybersecurity strategies. Hardware-based security technology provides reliable protection against external attacks and is impervious to many common attack vectors. Brian Romansky, Chief Innovation Officer at Owl Cyber Defense, and Mark Prince, Retired Entergy 2020/Owner, Optional Solutions, LLC will discuss the critical importance of hardware-enforced cybersecurity, with examples of common use cases, recent implementations, and emerging technologies in the field.

    Presented by:

    Brian Romansky, Chief Innovation Officer at OWL Cybersecurity

    Mark Prince, Retired Entergy 2020 and Owner at Optional Solutions, LL


    Sponsored by:

    OWL Cyber Defense


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