Going Digital: Opportunities & Challenges for the Next Generation of Distribution Substations


Series: Distribution Automation and Outage Management

The trends of decentralization, decarbonization, digitalization and electrification of our power system mean that distribution substation operators are facing new challenges as they work to improve grid reliability and while reducing O&M costs with condition based maintenance.  To address these challenges and unlock new business value, utilities are integrating distribution substation protection & control systems with a digital substation architecture.

In this webinar, EPRI’s Paul Mydra will share his insights into the trends and opportunities substation digitization can bring to distribution substation operators.

We will share our field experience, focusing on the digital process bus for Centralized Protection & Control, and integrated condition monitoring for transformer and distribution switchgear through enabling digital technologies – there by laying the foundation for the future grid. This webinar will also provide a high-level overview of key protocols and standards for substation digitalization including IEC 61850 & IEC 61869-9/13, IEC 62439-3 PRP/HSR Communications and IEEE 1588 Time Synchronization.

Presented by:
Dr. Mital Kanabar, Chief Applications Architect, Office of Innovation Leader at GE Grid Automation
Paul Myrda, Senior Program Manager at EPRI

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