Modular Energy Management Solutions Increase EV Charging Capacity While Mitigating Grid Impact


Series: Renewables, Energy Storage and How Utilities are Preparing for a Sustainable Future
Date: 10-28-2020

Electric vehicle (EV) ownership is rapidly increasing in support of a more green and sustainable future. With the increase of EV’s on the road, more EV chargers need to be installed in locations with easy access and near high traffic corridors. This can bring challenges as existing grid infrastructure may not be robust enough to handle the increased demand. One solution to this challenge is an energy storage system. In this presentation, ABB will present a case study that highlights this exact challenge and solution. Our customer needed to install high power chargers along a highway corridor with a weak grid infrastructure in some locations. In addition to how to solve this grid constraint challenge, we will discuss other considerations that need to be factored into any deployment strategy such as footprint, load variations and the need for a very quick installation.

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