Mitigating Threats and Strengthening the Grid with AI-based Inspection Programs


Series: Digitalization and Data Analytics
Date: 03-24-2021
Time: 12:30 PM – 1:15 PM CT

Join us on Wednesday, March 24th from 12:30-1:15 PM CT at DISTRIBUTECH+ to hear Jean-Philippe Poirrier, Head of Smart Grid Solutions at ENEDIS and Sylvain Mandrau, Visual Intelligence Product Manager at GE Digital’s Grid Software as they discuss mitigating threats and strengthening the grid with AI-based asset inspection programs.

As the Grid requires increased investments, optimizing resource usage for asset maintenance is a critical aspect towards smarter and more efficient grid operations. Legacy survey methods (land-based line patrol) are very expensive, time consuming and can have unacceptable liability risk. Often, the ‘images’ collected using this approach have a lot of variation and integrity issues due to inconsistent perspectives, focal inaccuracies and distance from the target objects. Another major challenge with legacy methods is in data management, including how to efficiently centralize and process the raw data, associate images (or point clouds) with specific assets and extract the risk classifications so that asset managers can optimize their overall condition-based asset risk management programs.

New technology, surveying methods, and AI-enabled data management solutions are available. They offer electric power utilities a clear upgrade path from their legacy inspection and risk management programs. During the session you’ll learn:

  1. Alternatives to traditional approaches for Asset Management that are not necessarily efficient or optimal all the time, leading to costly O&M investments.
  2. How utilities that adopt new solutions will see improvements in reliability, safety, costs and service

Presented by:

Jean-Philippe Poirrier, Head of the Smart Solutions Industrialization Department at Enedis

Sylvain Mandrau, Product Manager Visual Intelligence at GE Digital Grid Software


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