Keynote: Electrifying Energy: What “Sustainably Fueling the Future” Means for Grid Resilience


Series: Grid Resiliency: Planning and Response
Date: 11-12-2020

Across the world, electricity systems are decarbonizing. The reasons for this are varied but include an understanding by society and governments that transforming electricity infrastructure (responsible for about 1/3 of global manmade carbon emissions) is critical and largely achievable in the near-term. In fact, decarbonization of the electricity system is now cost-effective, and its adoption will therefore continue to extend into the broader economy. In the US and Europe, over 90% of all newly built energy generation is renewable, and this trend is accelerating globally. This fact underpins the IBM Energy, Environment & Utility vision and strategy – “Electrifying Energy (EE): Sustainably Fueling the Future.” Utilities must continue to provide uninterrupted power to their customers in a safe and affordable manner; they must leverage data for analytical insights for continuous improvement of asset and customer management, for improved governance and compliance, and for trust built on open-communication – all while simultaneously adapting to current climate-related risks and mitigating for future ones. The sophistication required to maintain this service increases as the economy becomes more dependent on electricity for core energy needs. This results in an electricity system that becomes more complex, diversified, and resilient. Learn how grid resilience underpins the IBM vision for “Electrifying Energy” – the global movement that supports decarbonization of large portions of the economy through clean electrification.

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