Initiate Start Up Pitches: Part 2


Content: Cybersecurity and Digital Grids
Date: 12-16-2020

During this session, four startup companies from all over the US will be pitching their solution or technology. Join us to learn more about these innovative companies and what the future holds for transmission and distribution. See below for company descriptions.

Teratonix: Teratonix provides high efficiency, broadband RF harvesting products to generate electricity from ambient RF signals (cellular/Wi-Fi/TV) or from local RF power sources, to replace or recharge batteries for wirelessly powering IoT sensors, wearables, and active implanted medical devices. Our RF harvester works like solar panel for RF signals and can generate sufficient electricity to replace AA/AAA/Cell batteries just from ambient cellular/Wi-Fi/TV signals, which significantly reduces cost.

Copper Labs: Copper is a wireless energy monitor that delivers real-time data from electric, gas and water meters so utilities can engage consumers with actionable insights that manage peak demand and accelerate energy efficiency, with or without smart meters. With real-time visibility behind the meter and a new channel to engage consumers with actionable insights, Copper helps utilities take control of energy demand.

Community Energy Labs: CEL is an IoT & SaaS control platform for building operators. We install wireless sensors, equipment controllers, and use cloud-based software powered by machine learning to autonomously predict and efficiently control how and when existing building equipment is operating. We can also improve the ampacity of a building in order to defer or reduce wear and tear on utility distribution infrastructure.

Verify Energy: Our flagship product is the PowerFly, and plug-and-play solar monitoring and control system designed to provide utility-grade functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

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