Initiate Start Up Pitches: Part 1


Content: Cybersecurity and Digital Grids
Date: 12-16-2020

During this session, four startup companies from all over the US will be pitching their solution or technology. Join us to learn more about these innovative companies and what the future holds for transmission and distribution. See below for company descriptions.

Resilient Power Systems: Our products eliminate EV infrastructure upgrade costs by including a distribution system upgrade that enhances both EV and non-EV load, while lowering costs vs fast chargers alone.

Elektrik App: Marketplace for the $200B Distribution and Transmission industry

Ping Things: PingThings has built the world’s fastest, most scalable, and cost-effective platform for storing, analyzing, and learning from time series sensor data.

Noteworthy AI: Noteworthy AI Inspector is software that leverages purpose-built computer vision models to identify issues such as corrosion, broken insulators, leaking transformers and more in asset inspection images and video. It then presents users with a prioritized list of assets that require review, enabling electric utilities to significantly cut both review time and cost, as well as schedule remediation work faster than before.


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