Grid Edge and the Changing Utility Business Model

How Hardware-Based Cybersecurity Will Enable The Power Grid of Tomorrow

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The coming changes to our power system will create challenges in every operational area, but perhaps the greatest challenges will come in securing critical networks and assets against new cyber threats.

Some of the challenges are well known– smarter and more connected devices, new protocols, and increasing data volumes are already changing the way power operators do business. New, perhaps unforeseen, challenges will emerge as the industry evolves to accommodate new technologies and connections at the edge of the grid. Fortunately, many of the same strategies–including the adoption of hardware-enforced security technology– being used to secure today’s grid will remain valuable tomorrow. In fact, hardware-based security technology will speed the adoption of new technology, by providing a framework that enables new connectivity without introducing new risks.

This session will examine how hardware-enforced data flow control creates opportunities for power operators to embrace new connections, new device categories, and new data types while maintaining maximum security for the infrastructure we all depend on.

Presented by:

David Chaddock, Director, Technology – Cybersecurity at West Monroe Partners

Dennis Lanahan, Sales at Owl Cyber Defense

Mark Toussaint, Product Manager at Owl Cyber Defense

Sam Flemmer, Cybersecurity Consultant at West Monroe Partners

Sponsored by:

OWL Cyber Defense

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