Full Speed Ahead: Enabling Future Fleet and Highway Electrification


Series: EVs, Smart Cities and DERMS
Date: 07-22-2021
Time: 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM CT

Attention in the media and industry often focuses on exciting developments in the electrification of residential vehicles and development of at-home charging infrastructure. However, fleet and highway electrification will each be critical to the long-term success of electric vehicles, and to state and federal climate goals. The large loads introduced by large fleet vehicles or fast-charging highway sites also introduce challenges for long-term system planning.

National Grid will share early insights from its work in the U.S. on this topic. Points discussed will include potential long-term, system impacts from fleet and highway electrification; how states and utilities are currently addressing fleet and highway needs; and what future solutions (including potential transmission or distribution infrastructure) might accelerate electrification progress.

Presented by:
Brian Wilkie, Director of Business Development for Transportation Electrification (New York) at National Grid
Matthew Cloud, Lead Engineer, EV Strategy at National Grid

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