Enterprise-wide Solutions for Cybersecurity and IED Management


Content: Cybersecurity and Digital Grids
Date: 12-18-2020

This session will address common challenges to securing and maintaining thousands of distributed intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), review relevant industry standards and provide maintenance guidance. Eaton’s cybersecurity experts will present enterprise-wide strategies utilities can adopt to achieve efficiencies through centralization, automation and remote administration of cybersecurity. Learn best practices for compliance maintenance activities including access (password), asset inventory and configuration and log/event management. Attendees will also learn about Eaton’s role in product cybersecurity.

Topics covered:

  • ED management challenges
  • Synopsys of IEEE 1686 and NERC CIP
  • Best practices for centralized access, asset, updates and log management
  • Eaton’s role in product cybersecurity and supply chain

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