Enabling Cyber-Secure Connectivity and Regulatory Compliance for Distribution Automation


Series: Distribution Automation and Outage Management
Date: 05-27-2021
Time: 1:30 PM – 2:15 PM CT

Automation starts with connectivity, access to digital data and data analysis. This includes data from smart switches and digital sensors, the analytics performed in the cloud or other remote locations, as well as the data protocols and integration that provide connectivity from the sensors to the analytics software. Securely enabling this connectivity, while protecting assets and ensuring regulatory compliance, requires a robust and resilient security strategy. As such, utilities are adopting much stronger cybersecurity postures to protect their infrastructure. This is being done with hardware-enforced cybersecurity solutions. These solutions cannot be defeated by conventional zero-day exploits, malware, ransomware and any other software or configuration-based attacks.

In this session we are discussing the state-of-the art defensive cybersecurity measures that are available to defend the grid and the digital devices that comprise it.

Attendees will learn about:

– Hardware-based cybersecurity and why it is so much better than software-only solutions
– How better cybersecurity can be achieved while still easily sharing data outside the plant
– The use cases for securely transferring data from the grid to the cloud, remote monitoring facilities, 3rd parties,
NOCs, SOCs, or any other entity that requires access to operational data WITHOUT posing a threat to the network
– The types of protocols supported (DNP3, ICCP, MQTT, Modbus, AMQP, OPC, etc.)

Presented by:
Kris Voorspoels, Regional Technical Manager at Owl
Brian Romansky, Chief Innovation Officer at Owl
Scott Coleman, Vice President, Marketing at Owl

Sponsored by:

OWL Cyber Defense


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