Data to Insights – How SAP and Intel Technology are Transforming the Future of Utility Enterprises


Series: Digitalization and Data Analytics
Date: 03-24-2021
Time: 10:00 AM – 10:10 AM CT

How will utility enterprises adapt for the future and meet today’s challenges around operating margins, aging IT frameworks, workforce, and impacts due to the pandemic? In an environment that sees change at a rapid pace, technology is pivotal to meet the demands of today and beyond. In this keynote, SAP and Intel will set the stage on the current trends influencing the Utilities Industry and share how the companies are working together to deliver a portfolio of integrated solutions that enable a utility to better manage asset data, automate workflows, and utilize AI and cloud technologies to help extract intelligence from data sources including drones, cars, aircraft and satellites for faster, reliable information about assets for operations and maintenance decisions. Learn how SAP and Intel are creating new solutions to support market conditions.

    Presented by:

    Jay Castleberry, Industry Executive Advisor at SAP
    Vijay Krishnan, General Manager at Intel Geospatial

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