Compensating Resiliency: Developing Appropriate Tariffs for Integrating Microgrid Services


Series: Grid Resiliency: Planning and Response
Date: 11-13-2020

The use of microgrids, customer back-up generation, grid hardening, and modernization are all potential solutions to achieve a resilient power system. Achieving resilience involves rethinking the design and operation of electric distribution systems, including the role of customer-developed and independently-developed solutions. Microgrids are often designed to export energy and provide resource adequacy, ancillary, and other grid services in order to support the project economics. and as a result, market, program and/or tariff mechanisms should be considered as a means for qualified microgrids to provide energy and grid services, including resilience, in return for compensation. This panel will provide insight into multi-customer microgrid interconnection and coordination with utilities, highlighting two recently filed utility tariffs in California and Hawaii.


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