Combining Accurate Fault Location with Advanced Mechanical Sensing for Fast and Informed Outage Response


Series: Distribution Automation and Outage Management
Date: 05-27-2021
Time: 3:30 PM – 4:15 PM CT

Electrical monitoring of the distribution grid allows for the real-time detection and location of permanent and momentary faults and fills an awareness gap in load flows that is widening due to increased distributed renewable generation and electrification. Additionally, many physical risks to the distribution grid prevail that are not easily detectable in the electrical domain. Physical phenomena like pole displacement, clashing conductors, vegetation intrusion, conductor galloping, excessive heat and sag, and conductor drop can now be detected by the integration of additional metrologies into traditional smart, communicating fault circuit indicators.

This discussion will focus on the application of a new overhead line sensor metrology for the purposes of: 

  • Faster electrical fault response time
  • Detection of physical risks to overhead lines 
  • Improving SAIFI/SAIDI statistics 
  • Outage Prevention through the identification of weak spots (asset deterioration) and assess likelihood of breakdown (combining with weather forecast and heuristic statistics) to enable predictive maintenance 
  • Optimal use of grid capacity for DER (renewables, EV and storage) integration

Presented by:

Joey Alexander, Director, Business Development at Ampacimon

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