Collective Adoption of Private LTE Networks


Content: Plus Series Session
Date: 01-20-2021

The momentum for private LTE networks for utilities is growing. Those utilities that embrace this private broadband platform will enjoy a secure, digital and intelligent grid while realizing an ever-increasing range of benefits. Through the deployment of private LTE networks, utilities will reap the significant benefits provided through the convergence of a compatible communications platform and robust and future-proof networking technology.

Join Anterix and Guidehouse for a Q&A about how forward-thinking utilities that have invested in private LTE can create a Grid Communications Network Effect by working collectively. Utilities would multiply capabilities and maximize value through economies of scale and scope and enhance data analysis, cybersecurity monitoring, professional support and more while providing greater situational awareness across regions and even the nation.

Presented by:
Macky McCleary, Director of Energy, Sustainability and Infrastructure, Guidehouse
Ryan Gerbrandt, Chief Operating Officer, Anterix

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