Case Study with Exelon on Storm Readiness Testing


Series: Resiliency and Asset Management
Date: 09-30-2021
Time: 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM CT

One result of climate change has been an increase in the frequency & intensity of storms that cause widespread power outages. The influx of customer outage reports and requests for outage status through a variety of channels put an enormous strain on Exelon Utilities’ (EU) tech infrastructure. During the storm response and restoration efforts, IT systems experienced performance issues and outages.

Part of the investigation and analysis was the assessment, gap analysis and recommendations for improving the performance testing of storm critical IT systems. This effort resulted in the creation and implementation of the Seasonal Readiness Testing (SRT) performance testing methodology and process. The SRT is an integrated end-to-end performance test of select storm critical applications, for the purpose of verifying operational readiness ahead of summer and winter storm seasons. During this presentation we will go behind the scenes and walk the audience through the extensive planning and preparations, as well as the actual execution of, a SRT that involves several participants and many key applications on the day of the test.


Presented by:
Greg Shumate, Manager, IT Emergency Preparedness Services at Exelon
Jim Oddo, Associate Vice President at Qualitest

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