Building a Modern DMS with Centralized Volt/Var Optimization and Control


Series: Distribution Automation and Outage Management
Date: 05-26-2021
Time: 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM CT

A model-based VVC/VVO application considers outages and system reconfiguration and can therefore provide performance benefits over manual or heuristic control of devices. The key to success of VVC/VVO implementation is to utilize a dynamic model so the VVO application is dealing with the “as-operated” network state. In this session, you will learn how one utility replaced its in-house built distributed capacitor control system with an integrated volt-var control system (IVVC) built on a modern, centralized distribution management system (DMS) platform. Successes and challenges with this type of implementation along with the operational benefits and lessons learned from building and operating a centralized IVVC system will also be presented.

Presented by:
Bryan Hobson, Engineering Leader at Idaho Power Company

Sponsored by:

Black & Veatch


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